writerly typist

writerly typist

I’m a writerly-type currently living in Vancouver, BC.  I’m big on crossword puzzles (New York Times first, LA Times close second) and walking the dog. I run too. If you can call it that.

This blog is a mess of whatever strikes me whenever I have time. Snippets of writing, ideas, and things that amuse me or make me think.

Much love to the readers of this blog. You know who you are. And I do too. Well, most of you anyway.

If you want to drop me a line: writerly(dot)typist(at)gmail(dot)com

You can sometimes find me on twitter too: @writerlytype




  1. Heh. Ize here. This site looks demme good. Ize write at wordpress, too. Much more boring stuff. Still. R

    p.s. had never ‘eard of The Go Between the novel but thought, eek, Julie Christie mebbe in a film? So yaas. Wikipedia confirmed. And i go to see Julie C tonite (ahem) with my husby. Dr. Zhivago!

    pp.ss. What do you think of Jennifer Egan’s The Keep. Just read it. Gobbled it up this weekend. Had never ‘eard of her neither. I seem to read alot but not enough, if you know what i mean?

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